Sapphire Cooling Towers suppliers of a wide range of F.R.P.(Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic), Wooden & Natural Draft Cooling Towers. Our Cooling towers are technically designed and developed so  that  they  require  the  minimum amount of  maintenance  and  service. We  have  a  team  of  highly experienced, technical and professional people to ensure timely installation, efficient functioning of Cooling towers and prompt after sales service along with all spares. Our cooling towers provide more wetted surface area for uniform water distribution and higher heat transfer rate.

Our mission is to serve our customers with dedication offering specialized services with quality, delivery and service.

Cooling towers are heat removal devices used to transfer process waste heat to the atmosphere Cooling Towers may either use the evaporation of water to remove process heat and cool the working fluid to near the wet- bulb air temperature or rely solely on air to cool the working fluid to near the dry bulb air temperature.Industrial Cooling Towers are used for large quantity of water. These towers are ideal for Oil refineries, Chemical Plant, Thermal Power Station, Steel Plant, Fertilizer Plant & Various Industrial Purposes.