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We are manufacturers of ice flaker machines in India since last two decades... Our ice flaker machines are conceptualized and designed to meet the challenging to all the microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology and genetic engineering laboratories that have a continuous requirement of ice to store their biological samples along with transportation to other facilities. We strongly believe in the principle of quality first and everything else to follow, which reflects in our products, which are renowned for long trouble free services in various research and educational institutes across India and abroad. Our ice flaker machines are made of corrosion free metal components with advance poly urethane insulation ensuring maximum thermal efficiency and durability. We specialize in both standard and customized models of ice flaker machines specially designed to meet various special requirements of our customers across India and abroad. Over a short period of time Weiber brand have been established as a leading exporters of ice flaker machines in India, catering to South Asian, African And European Markets. Beside the regular exports we are also catering to our domestic market and are suppliers of our ice flaker machines to various blood banks, hospitals, research stations, R & D Laboratories educational institutes and industries.

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