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The rain water or moisture penetrating through a leak in the case, can often reach into the circuit board and lead to failure of the equipment. This problem is frequently encountered with external equipments and devices during storage, usage or transportation in a rainy weather. Therefore, the automotive industries and various research and developmental units often use rain test chambers to test the quality and performance of the product in such extreme environments. The WeiberPipe Rain Test chambers are such rain test machines used for the testing of automobiles, electronic parts and components, light equipments, voltage cabinets and other wide variety of products under a rainy environment. They are designed to simulate specific environmental conditions, mimicking a natural rainy weather, to test the seals and water proofing capacity of the equipment and devices, thereby providing an estimation of the product performance over a period of time. The Weiber Rain Test chambers sport a sturdy and non-corrosive stainless steel construction and feature a non-corrosive rotary working table made up of aluminum alloy table board. All the external and internal surfaces of the equipment are made up of stainless steel or copper for added strength and resistance. The test chamber also features a stainless steel screen for additional filtration of pollutants and fine sediments, reducing the instances of blockage within the slow release control valve for continued excellent performance of the equipment. They are provided with adjustable nozzles that can be maneuvered in every angle to inject and spray water all across the surfaces of the test sample. The equipment works by exposing the test specimens to varied intensity of rain. The Weiber Rain Test chambers use programmable touch screen controllers for various operating parameters. They are also equipped with a wide array of safety features to ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment. These test chambers serve as automobile lighting test chambers and automobile signal test chambers and are commonly employed for testing outside lighting and signal devices. They are designed in accordance with international standards and bear ASTM/ISO/ROHS/GB certification.

Key features

  • Available in both standard and customized designs
  • ASTM/ISO/ROHS/GB certification
  • Reliable and safe operation
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile usage
  • Economical pricing
  • Energy efficient design


Safety features

  • Adjustable over-temperature protection
  • Provisions for preventing overheating of fan and motor
  • Temperature fuse wire of test space
  • Phase failure/reverse of the entire equipment
  • Power leakage protection
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Timing of the entire equipment
  • Power failure protection in case of opening of electrical control cabinet
  • Automatic shutdown upon fault alarming


Technical Specifications

Workroom Dimensions



Swing Pipe Diameter (m)





Spraying Hole Diameter Certificate


Test Bench Rotation Speed

1r/min, or step less speed regulating (optional)

Aperture Spacing


Rain Pressure





Compatible Standards:

  • IS 9000 Pt XVI
  • IEC 60529
  • JIS D:203
  • DIN EN 40050
  • DIN EN 60529
  • DIN EN 60034
  • DIN IEC 68
  • GB 2423

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