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We are the leading manufacturer of Rubber Expander Rollers, Bow Roll, Banana Rolls. The latest variety of Rubber we have in store is: Rubber Expander Roller
Vary Bow Expander Roller Metal Expander Roller
Fluoro Polymer Sleeved Expander Roller (Nonstick)The performance of our Rubber Expander Roller (Bow Rollers) depends upon the following points:Wrap angle
Lead-in & Lead-out distance
Position of bow (Adjustable)In this, 3 :1 (lead-in: lead-out) ratio is considered to be the perfect. The best results are attained when Bow Roller is perpendicular to the web direction
Our range of Wrinkle remover devices helps to: Remove wrinkles Separate slit webs on winder
Eliminate baggy center
Control slack edges Try to even out lateral tension across the web width.


  • Color: Brown and Black
  • Roller Diameter: 76-219 mm
  • Surface Treatment: Painting & Galvanized

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