Top 10 Brick Making Machine Manufacturer in India.

What is a brick making machine  

A brick making machine is used to produce bricks automatically. It is capable of producing high-quality, high-density brick, paver blocks without any human interference.  It can be used to make large number of bricks in a day. It is a versatile machine and can create a variety of brick forms. Hollow blocks, solid blocks, paving blocks, curb stones, interlocking pavers, color pavers, and other concrete blocks can be produced with the help of brick making machine. The machine combine all dry materials with enough water to make a flexible liquid slurry. The wet concrete is then automatically pumped into block-shaped moulds and left to dry. The completed blocks are then transferred to pallets and moved to the production line's curing area. The finished bricks are then transferred to the packing facility and prepared for distribution. The usage of automated machinery reduces the cost of producing bricks. Moreover, the brick making machine is controlled by a PLC unit. The hydraulic cylinders and an electric control panel attached to it helps in fast production. Apart from that, brick making  machines are low maintenance, easily operateable and a cost-effective solution for those in need of low-cost brick making machine

What are the different types of brick making machine? 

  • Interlocking brick-making machines.
  • Fly ash brick making machines.
  • Clay brick-making machines.
  • Concrete brick-making machines.
  • Hydraulic brick-making machines.
  • Clc brick-making machines.
  • Hollow brick-making machines.
  • Used brick-making machines.
  • Automatic fly ash brick plants.
  • Cement brick making machine.

Application of brick making machine:

Brick making machines are one of the most efficient equipment used in the construction industry and used in a variety of applications. These machines is in high demand globally since no construction is complete without the use of bricks, and brick making machines are the greatest way to make high quality bricks in a short period of time. Furthermore, brick making machine not only save money, but they also have a number of other advantages like quick, accurate and precise brick making, customizable, easy-to-operate, cost-effective, and time-saving. 

Project Costing of brick making machine:

The cost of different types of brick making machine can vary. In India, the average price of  fully automatic brick making machine can be between 15,48,000 - 32,00,000 and 1,05,000 - 25,10,000 for semi - automatic brick making machine.

While pricing is an important factor to consider when comparing different brick making machine prices on the market online, a few other factors should also be taken into consideration. Size, cycling moulding time, PCS/hour, brick type, power, automation grade, certification, delivery costs, capacity, and so forth are among the other variables. Before buying  this machine, carefully examine the above specifications.

Top 10 Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Brick Making Machine:

  • Shri Engineering Enterprises (Pune,India)
  • Sarwadnya Enterprises Nashik,India
  • C B M Engineering Yamunanagar,India
  • Everon Impex  Coimbatore,India
  • Hycon Machines Coimbatore,India
  • Kantam International Kolkata,India
  • Neptune Industries Limited (Mehsana,India)
  • Osaka International Inc (Gurgaon ,India)
  • Panco Machine Works pudukkottai,India
  • Pushp Hi Tech Engineering Ahmedabad,India

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