Top 10 Block making machine manufacturer in India.

  • 25 May 2022
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What Is Block Making Machine

The block machine uses pressure and vibration to make several types of blocks using various moulds. The equipment is then pressed under great pressure to produce high-quality cement, hollow, and pavement blocks. The vibration and compression of the concrete drive the functioning of a block-making machine. They feature a hopper where they receive and store fresh cement for the block manufacture. After that, the substance is dosed in the appropriate quantity to fill the mould. Quality blocks are produced by these machines ensuring the perfect mixing of the slag, mining slag, stone powder, pulverized coal ash, industrial stone, industrial sand, industrial cement and other materials. It involves accurate mixing thus resulting in high quality blocks manufacturing. 

The vibrating table, the mould with different cavities to modify the size and kind of concrete blocks that can be made, the compacting plates, and so on are all part of the block-making machine. There is also a base for the springs, tracks, and a carriage to convey the compactor. We begin with two ranges that have reduced maintenance costs and require fewer installations while yet producing big amounts. 

These machines are made up of high-quality materials and known for sturdy built and minimum maintenance. Block making machine are appropriate and cost-effective alternatives that are both energy-efficient and proficient.  

What Are The Different Types Of Block Making Machine?           

·         Paving Block Making Machine.

·         Concrete Block Making Machine.

·         Interlocking Block Making Machine.

·         Hydraulic Paver Block Making Machine.

·         Concrete Paver Block Machine.

·         Hydraulic Paver Block Making Machine.

·         CLC Block Making Plant.

·         Used Block Making Machine.

·         Vibration Block Making Machine.

·         Egg Laying Block Making Machine.

·         Interlocking Blocks Machine.

·         High Pressure Paver Block Machine.

·         Aac Block Manufacturing Plant.

Application Of Block Making Machine:

The block making machines, are lighter and more heat resistant than semi-automated machines. There is currently a great demand for more technologically advanced block making machine models. With frequency-controlled technology, the block production machine is the most adaptable machinery, creating hollow and solid blocks, pavers, curb stones, and fly ash blocks. Moreover, it is easy to install, highly efficient machine highly acknowledged across the construction industries.  It can create solid bricks, interlocking blocks, hollow blocks, and blocks in a variety of sizes and shapes. Gardens, highways, and other constructions are built with these blocks.

Costing Of Block Making Machine:

Several models of block making machines are available in the market, ranging from the most cost-effective to those with higher production capacity but of higher price. Moreover, the block making machines require less maintenance and power capacity which means great savings on expenses. However, if you want to buy block making machine in India, these machine ranges between 70,000 - Rs 20 lakhs/ unit.  

Top 10 Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Block Making Machine:

·         Hycon Machines Coimbatore, India

·         Buildmate Projects Pvt Ltd Hyderabad, India

·         Shri Engineering Enterprises Pune,India

·         Sarwadnya Enterprises Nashik,India

·         Royal Tile Machines New Delhi,India

·         Jiger Industries Ahmedabad,India

·         Axcon Infratech Ahmedabad,India

·         Everon Impex Coimbatore,India

·         Balakrishna Engineering Coimbatore ,India

·         Coneq Infra Bengaluru,India

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