Top 10 Paver Making Machine Manufacturer In India .

Paver Making Machine Process 


A paver machine is used to manufacture paver blocks. The raw materials used to make paver blocks are grit, cement, concrete admixture, crusted stone dust, , and water. The aggregate that is the slag, crushed stone, sand, and recycled concrete are also used to make paver blocks. Other materials are also used as per one's requirement. A color coating is then used to give a shiny exterior to the paver block. The paver block is highly demanded for robust constructions. Therefore, a standard paver block making machine is essential for heavy-duty block manufacturing.

The process of making paver block mainly involves four stages- proportioning, mixing, compacting, and drying. The standard proportion to make the paver block is 1:3:5, which is 5 parts of aggregate, 3 parts of sand, and 1 part of cement. However, the ratio can vary as per individual needs.

This mixture of raw materials is mixed well with the water for few minutes in a pan mixer. In the compacting stage, raw material is poured into the mold with the help of a feeder and converted into a block by applying pressure through machine. Furthermore, in this process, high vibration is given to the mold to fill up the material well. Later on, the solidification of the block is done under the sunlight.

What Are The Different Types Of Paver Block

  • Full Automatic Paver Block Machine
  • Semi Automatic Paver Block Machine
  • Small Manual Paver Block Machine
  • Automatic Concrete Paver Block Machine
  • Manual Paver Block Machine
  • Hydraulic Paver Block Machine
  • Automatic Hydraulic Paver Block Machine
  • Automatic Interlocking Paver Block Machine
  • Demoulding Paver Block Machine
  • Colour Paver Block Machine
  • Concrete Paver Block Machine

Application Of Paver Block Machine:

A paver block machine is known for high strength, resistance to environmental damage and capability of resisting heavy loads hence making it suitable for a wide variety of applications. These machines are versatile and are used in residential and commercial premises. Hence, a paver machine are used to pave walkways, roadways, or parking areas. Many paver machines are available that have sturdy design, non-corrosive, durability, easily operate able with low maintenance cost throughout its entire lifespan. Besides that, the paver machine are manufactured by professionals who are highly dedicated at providing optimum quality of paver machine. The machines is manufactured using quality assured components and leading technology. In order to sustain its premium quality, the paver machines is strictly examined on varied standards by quality experts. The paver machine can therefore be availed at the leading industry prices.

Costing of Paver Block Machine:

The cost of different types of paver block machine can vary. In India, the average price of paver block machine can range between Rs.32, 000 - 70,00,000. While pricing is an important factor to consider when comparing different paver block machine prices on the market online, a few other factors should also be taken into consideration. The quality of the iron of the paver block machine, the pressure system, Concrete mixing unit and so forth are among the other variables. Before buying  this machine, carefully examine the above specifications.

Top 10 Manufacturers And Suppliers of Paver Block Machine:

  • M S Tiles Machinery Noida,India
  • Ultra Tile Machine Noida,India
  • Santhosh Engineering Works Coimbatore, India
  • Kantam International Kolkata, India
  • Diamond Tiles Machinery Noida ,India
  • Reva Engineering Enterprises Ghaziabad, India
  • Royal Tile Machines New Delhi, India
  • Coneq Infra Bengaluru,India
  • Revomac Industries Ahmedabad, India
  • Chirag Concrete Machine Private Limited Coimbatore, India

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