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Ampere-Hour/Minute Meter With Dual Time Relays
Model-804AH We are engaged in manufacturing Ampere-Hour & Minute Meters Model 804AH, that are designed and developed aesthetically with membrane switches for the front panel. These are offered with shunt calibration programmable of up to 9999 for 75 mV. We also offer separate displays for current and ampere-hours per min. Following are some of the features and specifications of our Ampere-Hour & Minute Meter Model 804AH: • Ampere-Hour/Minute selectable • Cumulative Ampere-Hour stored on power failure • Settable limit for Ampere-Hours • Dual time relays with on time settable • Rear calibration lock to prevent tampering with settings
Display4 Digit 7 Segment Red LED display for Instantaneous Current
6 Digit 7 Segment Red LED display for Ampere-Hours/Mins
2 Red LEDs to indicate status of the 2 Relay contacts
Max. ShuntMaximum 9999 Amps corresponding to 75mV settable
Calibrationfrom front panel
Set PointSettable from 0-999999
Totaliser6 Digits for Ampere-Hour or Ampere-Minutes
Time Relays2 relay contacts with individual time settings in Mins:Secs for timed dual dosing after the Ampere-Hour limit is reached
Contact RatingNO-P-NC @ 5Amps/220V AC
MemorySettings and Ampere-Hours saved in solid state EEPROM
LockNon-volatile EEPROM solid state memory
Stores programmed value of shunt, preset value, current Amp-Hr and the current
Cumulative Amp-Hr to preserve current status on power failure
LockBy rear jumper to prevent accidental tampering with settings
Supply220V AC @10% @ 50/60Hz
220V AC ± 10% at 50/60Hz
Front Facia 96mm x 96mm
SizeDepth 135mm.
Cut Out : 91mm x 91mm
Weight800 grams

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