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Model-803AH • Programmable Amp-Hr Meter With Separate Voltage And Current Displays
• Ideal for ensuring electroplating thickness by presetting AMP-HOUR
• Useful for checking Amp-Hour of rechargeable batteries using voltage limit
• Separate displays for Voltage, Current and Amp-Hour
• Programmable for AH/0.1AH/Amin/0.1AMin
• Usable with any shunt by setting ‘Calibration’ for Amp-75mV
• Calibration factor lockable from rear
• 4 Digit Amp-Hour and 6 Digit cumulative Amp-Hour display
• Attractive front panel membrane switches in rugged Aluminum cabinet
• In case of power failure, the current status of selected parameters, the current Amp- Hour and Cumulative Amp-Hour is saved

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