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Auto Back Wash Filter

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Flair Strainers and Filters

We manufacture Auto back wash Filter with manual as well as motorized type with Basket, Disc edge, and wedge wire type filter elements. Here when Fluid enters through the filtration surface of filter element, contaminants retained on the element is flushed out of housing through automatic drain in a back wash process. A Controller keeps monitoring the differential pressure across the filter. The backwash cycle starts when the differential pressure reaches at a pre-selected level. Once the backwash process gets completed, the controller resets automatically, and the whole process starts again when differential pressure rise again. A timer Base Automatic backwash filter is also available in which a regular cleaning cycle can be set.


• Compact Design and Low in weight

• Low pressure drop across the filter

• Stable filtrate quality & supply

• High filtration accuracy

• Adequate strength of element and housing

• Very high mechanical strength of filter element

• Element can withstand very high differential pressure

• Easy way of cleaning the clogged element

• Most economical, minimizing operation and maintenance cost, No consumable material
Component or parts suitable for and compatible with fluid concerned

• Allow to interchange same type of component with another

• Highly efficient, strong recovery, can use cartridge for a long time without any replacement

• Unique filtration equipment control system for a precise operation
Easy to operate and manage