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Flair Basket & Pot Filter– Product Information The flawless functionality of Basket or Pot filter helps in improving the overall service life of valves, pumps and many other flow control equipment and instrumentation. Duplex baskets are designed to clean the filter element easily without any interruption in the process of fluid flow. It is suitable for almost all types of liquids. Simplex Basket Filter and Duplex Basket Filter are two types of basket filter. These types of baskets are available in fabricated and cast construction. Simplex Basket filters in cast construction are known as Bucket Strainer or Pot Strainer also. Basket Strainer is used to remove foreign materials from pipeline and give protection for valves, pumps, meters and other such equipment. Filters are manufactured up to 48” NB size and filtration down up to 5 microns and above. To make a Duplex Basket filter, two nos. of Simplex Basket filters need to be connected with a three-way ball valve pair with a common single handle. Duplex basket filters wit butterfly valves are also available. The flow is diverted from filter in the operation to the other standby idle filter by rotating common handle. To know the clogging of basket visuals or audible alarm indication are also provided when required. The clogged filter element can be cleaned and made ready for the next change over.
In automatic Duplex Basket filter Changeover is automated with Differential pressure switch and actuator operated valves. Flair Basket & Pot Filter- Design, Manufacturing and Quality Filters are designed to ASME, ASTM, API, BIS, IBR and various other international codes and manufactured to suit the process application. We design and manufacture Basket Filters for Low Temperature, High Temperature and sour services using suitable material conforming to ASME, ASTM, ANSI, API, BIS and other international materials Specification for forging, casting, Plates, Pipes. During manufacturing Process, right from raw material to finish product, a Standard Quality Assurance Plan is followed and product is checked at each stage by a qualified Supervisors and Inspection engineers. Various test like RT, UT, PT, Hydraulic Pressure Test, Helium leak Test, Dimensional Check, Pressure Drop Test etc. are carried out as applicable. On request Product manufactured under third Party Inspection by LRIS, BVQI, TUV, DNV, IRS or any other reputed agency on recommendation by customer.

• Available in compact sizes
• Low in weight
• Large dirt holding capacity, longer cleaning cycle time.
• Low pressure drop across the filter
• Adequate strength of element and housing
• Highly affordable, low maintenance cost
• Easy to operate and service, clean or replace the element easily
• Useful to protect expensive Pumps, Spray Nozzle, Valves, Meters Heat Exchangers, Regulators, etc.
• Components are the most suitable as well as compatible with the fluid concerned
• Allows interchangeability of the same type of component with each other

At Flair, we use high grade raw material purchased from trustworthy suppliers to manufacture high quality products. Our best quality Basket and Pot Filters and strainers are used in different industries such as

• Chemical Industries
• Petrochemical Industries
• Pharmaceutical Industries
• Water Treatment Plant
• Distillery Plant
• Air Conditioning
• Fire Fighting Pump House
• Power Plants
• Steel Plant
• Pulp and Paper Mill
• Fertilizer Plants
• Cement Plant
• Sugar Industries

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