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Flair cartridge filters are manufactured using disposable filter cartridge of Cellulose, Fiberglass, Ceramic, Polypropylene Nylon, Bleached cotton, and Sinter metal which gives filtration down to 0.45 microns. Filter bags are also available in various materials. Present days, Pleated type filter elements made of fine wire mesh are very popular. Pleated Element are cleaned with suitable means and can be reused. Wire mesh pleated cartridges are also reusable after cleaning. Cartridge filters are suitable for fine filtration and generally used after some kind of coarse filter in the system. These Filters are suitable for many liquid fluids or gases and are available in simplex or duplex type construction. Cartridge filters are useful in the systems having contaminations below 100 ppm or contamination levels below 0.01% in weight. Bag filters are used for industrial application for removing dust. The particle separation process takes place on the surface from outside to inside or inside to outside of the filter depends on the application. Normally, the Particles are captured on the bag filter’s internal surface. Some Bag filters which are used in gaseous applications to remove dust can be cleaned and reused. Applications: Cartridge & Bag Filter are used for Liquid filtration in several industries as follows. It is also often used as final filtration after other filters. • Cement Plants
• Sugar Plants
• Steel Plants
• Textile Industry
• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Cosmetic Industry
• Metals Industry
• Minerals Industry
• Chemicals Industry
• Incineration Industry
• Power Generation Industry
• Paper Mills
• Wood Working
• Material Recovery
• Fly Ash
• Coal and many other industries.

All about Cartridge & Bag Filter

• A surface filter is useful when concentrations are above 5 mg/m3, while for below 0.5 mg/m3 concentrations, depth filters are more preferable.

• Surface filters can be cleaned or backwashed very easily while depth type filters need to be disposed when clogged.

• Normally, Cartridge filter can be surface type filter or depth type filter.

• In surface filters, particles are blocked on the filter surface while particles are captured in depth-type filters and contaminant through the thickness of the medium.

• For filtering sediment of similar sized particles, surface filters works best.

• In comparison with pleated surface filters, depth filters have the advantage of depth but have a restricted surface area.

• If the filter surface size is increased, it allows higher flows and increase dirt holding capacity as well as the filter last for a long time.

• Mostly, Bag filters are surface type filters.

• Normally, Cartridge filters are specifically designed disposable means it needs to be replaced when the filter is clogged.


• Compact Design and Low weight

• Low pressure drop across the filter

• Adequate strength of element and housing

• Permits rapid servicing i.e. ease of cleaning or replacing the element

• Component or parts suitable for and compatible with hydraulic fluid concerned.

• Interchangeability of component with another of same type.

• Energy Efficient

• Surface filtration prevents micron particles to penetrate

• Low installation and construction cost


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