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We design and fabricate Self Cleaning Filter according to specific size and requirement of customers. Our range of Self Cleaning Filters is available in some standard models with different flow rate. The filtration achieved is down to 50 microns. It is easy to clean element just by rotating knob or outside shaft handle manually or by a geared motor. The contaminant from the element surface are by a Brush or Scraper Blade and collected at the bottom can be drained out easily. Automatic self-cleaning filters are manufactured with assembly of motor & gear to rotate the filter element for continuous cleaning. The element of this type of filters has very high mechanical strength and offers many advantages such as a capability to withstand a very high differential pressure and easy to clean the element. It is best suitable for almost all liquid fluids with suitable material of construction. Features: • Compact Design and Low in weight
• Low pressure drop across the filter
• Adequate strength of element and housing
• Filter element with very high mechanical strength
• Element can withstand very high differential pressure
• Easy to clean the clogged element
• Permits rapid replacement of the element
• Low Maintenance Cost
• Component or parts suitable for and compatible with hydraulic fluid concerned.
• Allow to interchange same type of component with another
• Filtration down to 40 microns
• Ideal for most liquids, high viscosity duties
• Highly affordable, long-lasting equipment, with low operation costs

• Petrochemical Plants
• Chemical Plants
• Power Plants
• Pulp industries
• Nuclear Plants
• Process Water
• Paper Plants
• Steel Plants
• Mines
• Effluent treatment
• Cooling Towers
• Paints and pigments
• Irrigation
• Water treatment

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