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Extended Aeration is a type of activated sludge process with primary settling. It is most commonlyused treatment system in small developments and resorts. In an extended aeration (EA) system,sewage is brought into a biological basin where it is degraded by naturally occurring bacteria. After an“extended” period of time, typically 24 hours of detention time, the mixed liquor (ML) is sent to aclarifier where it is allowed to settle. The retention time will be very long in order to generate lesssludge. Secondary effluent (SE) is drawn off the clarifier and the settled biomass is returned to thehead of the plant. To maintain a constant mixed liquor concentration, a certain amount of the settledbiomass is wasted (WAS) out of the plant, typically to an aerated sludge holding tank or digester.To improve the efficiency of treatment, an anoxic zone, or un-aerated zone, is often placed at the headof the biological basin.

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