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Channel Letter Bending Machine K 6000

1.Automatic feed, automatic notch, automatic bend, fully automatic CNC processing technology of 16 axises linkage, fully achieve the machine multi-function and automatically.

2.The original innovative structure that can process soft and hard material on the same platform, simple switching mode between stainless steel and aluminum, no need to change a blade.

3.Curved arc adopts alternating bending mode, which improves the accuracy and efficiency.

4.Feeding structure with pneumatic clamping the material, clamp can be adjusted according to the thickness profiles, avoid exist the material trace, no need to adjust the parameter.

5.Using the upgraded version of the SERVO motor control, high stability, and fast speed.

6.Compatible the DXF/AI file format, support many software like ARTCAM, CLASSMATE, TYPE3, CORELDRAW, ILLUSTRATOR, FLEXISIGN, ENROUTE etc, and perfectly match with the engraving machine, plasma cutting machine and laser cutting machine.

7.Automatically identify graphics inside and outside, automatically calculate the length of each segment, choose any point to start and end, so convenient to make the channel letter.

8.Adjust the slot depth by the computer, no need manual adjustment, more efficient.


9.Machine size:1650mm*830mm*2450mm

1.Power supply :AC220V

2.Net weight :500KG

3.Pressure :0.3-0.6mpa

4.Machine power :2000w

5.The minimum diameter:12mm

6.The minimum bending radius :R=5cm

7.The minimum distance and angle :5mm

8.Precion :0.05 mm

9.Slot Degree 45 – 135 ( no limit for flat material )

10.Suit material:

• Aluminum flat material and profile (width(2cm-12cm) Thickness (0.4-1.2mm)

• Stainless steel (width(2cm-12cm) Thickness (0.4-0.8mm)

• Iron ( width(2cm-12cm) Thickness (0.4-1mm)

(Material : stainless steel , aluminum , iron ( width 10 mm – 100 mm )

( thickness 0.3mm - 1.2mm )

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