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Mastech Machinery


• Roll Compactor MIRC 200/50, 200/75 & 200/100 are GMP Models .

• Very compact design available in Plain, Water Jacketed or Flameproof Model.

• Screw is driven through ACVF Drive. Safety slipping clutch between gearbox and feed screw.

• Rolls drive through twins shaft gearbox with speed drive unit coupled to it using coupling, which ensures synchronization of the rolls with a steady torque loading.

• Pre-densifier screw comprises of cylindrical or conical shape, which is well polished and made of AISI SS-316 quality material .

• Compacting rolls sleeves are made out of tool steel, hardened to 55 HRC approximately, and are keyed in to shafts and thus protected against axial slipping by thrust plates and bolts.

• The feed screw assembly can be lifted by hand-operated hydraulic pump. This facilitates ease in cleaning.

• Scrapper assembly also designed to dismantle for ease of cleaning.

• Pre-compression chamber guides the powder without any slippage or leakage.

A separate panel board which consist all controls and indicators of the compactor are permanently built in namely, on/off rolls, on/off feed screw, main switch, forward/reverse switch, ammeters for rolls and feed screw and emergency stop to avoid short circuit or fire hazard at the time of cleaning with water.