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Fabric Cutting Machine – Motor Driven Type, ( Auto Stop Type – Standard Design) Having Zigzag/Plain Type Cutting Blade of as per your requirement Length Complete with Three Phase Electric Motor & Control Panel.

Standard Features

• Easy operation

• A sturdy structure fabricated from M.S. Sheet metal structure, so as to get vibration-free operation.

• A hand wheel operated the device with stopper is provided to get to & fro motion of sliding table, with calibration which guarantees the equal, accurate & high production of samples.

• Provided with adjustable screw arrangement with eccentric to get the blade position to the maximum upward / downward.

• In order to get efficient cutting of heavy fabric like furnishing/filter cloth, totally enclosed type heavy duty.

• Speed reduction gearbox unit provided along with electric motor machine will be completely covered and provided with safety guard covers.

• A calibrated scale bar will be provided on the sliding table for the ease of operator to decide the size of the sample to be cut.

• The machine can cut fabric layer up to 50 mm at the single stroke.

• The machine will be provided with photoelectronic sensors on feeding side, in order to avoid accident to the operator, while cutting the fabric.

• Cutting board is provided with the machine, in order to protect the blade from damage during the cutting operation.
• A laser line marking system provided to locate zero mark reference on fabric.

• A hand wheel is provided to move the sliding table to get the desired size of samples to be cut.

• To cut the fabric sample, press the green push button switch, the machine will stop automatically after cutting the fabric

• Models are available in blade size of 13”, 18”, 24”, 32”, 36”, 48” 60”.