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Industrial Water Chiller Plant

Manufacturers & dealers of a wide range of products Industrial Water Chiller Plant are available at our Indian TradeBird Portal for our valued customers. Industrial Water Chillers are taken in use for various applications where chilled water or liquid is required to be circulated through process equipment. Some of the common products use to cool, Industrial Water Chiller Plants are used as a host for different types of applications including injection molding, tools & die cuttings, foods & beverages, lasers, machines chemicals, tools, semiconductors, and more. This Industrial Water Chiller Plant is used in a variety of functions like transferring heat from one place to another, it is also used to transfer water or solutions to transfer heat and chiller may also require a processed chiller to have reservoir and pumping system.
Best deals are available for Industrial Water Chiller Plant manufacturers, suppliers, dealers in India, Available at Indian TradeBird with the best price for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main components of Industrial Water Chiller Plants are,

Compressors: Which is the prime component where it helps for creating pressure difference to move the refrigerant around the system.

Condensors: These Condesors are located after the compressor & before the expansion valve. It is used to remove heat from refrigerant which was picked up in the evaporator.

Expansion Valve: The expansion valve is placed between the condenser and evaporator. Its purpose is to expand the refrigerant reducing the pressure and thus increasing its volume which allows carrying unwanted heat in the evaporator.

Evaporator:: The evaporator, which is situated between the expansion valve and the compressor, absorbs excess heat from the building and transfers it to the refrigerant, which is then sent to the cooling tower and rejected.

Power unit: The power unit can be directly connected to the chiller or separated and mounted to the plant room wall with power cables running between them. The power unit's job is to regulate the flow of electricity to the chiller.

Controls: The control unit is typically mounted on the chiller. Its purpose is to monitor the various aspects of the performance of the chiller and control these by making adjustments. The control unit will generate alarms for the engineering teams and safely shut the system down to prevent damage to the unit.

Water boxes: Evaporators and condensers of water-cooled chillers have water boxes installed. The water box's aim is to direct flow while also separating the entrance and exit.

To increase the efficiency of the Industrial Water Chiller Plant, We can go by Ongoing Maintainance where Chiller Systems will operate with more efficiency via proper ongoing and regular maintenance. In this, most of the organizations recognize this value to have taken steps as a part of the day to say maintenance system which includes inspecting and cleaning condenser coils, maintaining refrigerant charges, also by maintaining condense water.
The second thing we can do is by doing Predictive Maintainance, where it analyzes the data collection of the chiller system for operational data to determine maintenance actions.
The third thing we can do is by going for Optimization, where chillers operate as a part of a complex system, they have great complexity due to the connection of the cooling tower system. The overall chiller plant must be optimized in a holistic manner. Only operational data can be used to make changes such as optimum chilled water setpoints, chiller sequencing and load balancing, peak demand control, cooling tower water management, and so on.

A chiller operates on the vapor compression or vapor absorption principle. Chillers carry a constant stream of coolant to the cold side of a process water system, maintaining a temperature of about 10°C. The coolant is then pumped through the process, collecting heat from one area of a plant, such as machinery, process equipment, and so on, as it flows back to the process water system return side. . A chiller is a mechanical refrigeration system that uses vapor compression and connects to the process water system through an evaporator. A chiller's evaporator, compressor, condenser, and expansion unit all circulate refrigerant.

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