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Vacuum dehydration oil purification system
The harmful effect of water and particulate contamination in hydraulic, lubrication & dielectric oils have been well documented. By maintaining absolutely clean and dry oil, the life of critical wears components in rotation and hydraulic equipment can be significantly extended, minimizing equipment downtime optimizing it’s efficiency and maximizing profitability.
We design and build the most effective reliable and user-friendly vacuum dehydrators on the market today. Several design features enable our system to consistently outperform all others and our waterextraction rates are the best in the industry.
• Remove free, emulsified and dissolved water by vacuum distillation & mass transfer – achieve overall water content as low as 50 PPM.
• Remove entrained air and dissolved gases by vacuum distillation
• Achieve particle counts as low as ISO 14/13/10 or NAS class 5 Cleanliness level
• Process flow rates from 10 to 100 LPM
• No other utilities other that electricity are required (no costly water consummation)
Our vacuum Dehydration Oil purification Systems (VDOPS) are recommended for use on the following application.
• Turbine Lube oils
• Paper Machine Lube Oils
• Gearbox Oil (ISO 150 to ISO 680)
• Transformer Oils (Mineral Based)
• Silicon Oils
• Refrigerant Oil
• Compressor Oils
• EHC Fluids (Fyrquel)
• PAO Fluids

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