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Temperature & Humidity Recorders

Ultrasonic Level Sensor USL 5000/8000A is an excellent non-contact level measurement of major liquids. Being economical, easy to install & use it is widely being used in applications as storage tanks or where physical contact with the liquid for Level Measurement is not possible. It functions on the principle of measuring liquid level by Ultrasonic waves. The transmitter generates & launches a continuous band of powerful ultrasonic waves aimed towards the surface of the liquid. These ultrasonic waves of certain wavelength hit the liquid surface and get reflected back towards the transmitter's receiver sensor. Reflected signals are received by trans-receiver of the sensor, which processes them to interpret the liquid level on the basis of generation, reflection & time receiving of ultrasonic waves. Transmitter has a local LCD display and a user-friendly compact programmer, modulated for range calibration by push buttons & display of parameters. The transmitter is equipped with temperature compensation throughout the measuring range & gives 4-20mA current output. With the reliant performance, Intellectual signal treatment technology, efficient ultrasonic wavelength, LCD display, higher accuracy, and easy programming this version is all packed for excellent performance.


Water, sewage, slurry, large storage tanks, ponds, pits, juices, light aggressive liquids, beverages, acids, solvent, paint, slurry, oil, thinner etc.


• Fully Temperature compensated.

• LCD display.

• Intellectual signal treatment.

• 4-20mA, 2 wire current output

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