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Reynold Scroll Chillers are designed to work within extreme tropicalized weather conditions, while maintaining the highest energy efficiency. Designing and the choice of equipment are critical to conform to superior standards. Manufacturing and testing standards at our facilities are at par with the best, internationally. Installed equipments are operation friendly and are backed by competent engineering team to realize the advantage while being in operation. Each compressor utilizes a separate and individual refrigeration circuit, which develops greater reliability within a multiple compressor configuration.

- : Reliable and energy efficient scroll compressors of european origin

- : Environment friendly refrigerant R-407C / R-410A, available

- : Separate and individual refrigeration circuits with each compressor

- : Totally skid mounted unit with single and multiple refrigeration circuits including fluid pump and storage tank

- : Electronic expansion valves for larger capacities, for energy efficiency and precise temperature control

- : Factory made and tested tube-in-tube as well as shell and tube evaporators, with high-flow high-pressure design, for specific process applications

- : Low FPI count and high condensing area together with low noise, high flow, pressure-controllehigh condensing area together with low noise, high flow, pressure-controlled axial fans, ensuring best possible energy efficiency while being operable within the harshest ambient conditions

- : Fully automatic PLC based units with remote operation and data logging facilities, available

- : Automatic, stepped capacity control, through multiple compressor operation, from 33% to 100%

RSIG0018S 5(18) 1 3.02
RSIG0021S 6(21) 2 3.63
RSIG0035D 10(35) 2 6.05
RSIG0042D 12(42) 2 7.26
RSIG0053T 15(53) 3 9.07
RSIG0060S 17(60) 1 10.3
RSIG0063T 18(63) 3 10.89
RSIG0070D 20(70) 2 12.1
RSIG0091D 26(91) 2 15.72
RSIG0120D 34(120) 2 20.56
RSIG0137T 39(137) 3 23.59
RSIG0176D 50(176) 2 30.24
RSIG0264T* 75(264) 3 45.36
Nominal Capacities, 400V/50Hz, Δt 5oC, R-22.  R-407C/R-410A/R-134a options

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