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Shree Ram Air Tech
Air Coolers: • Industrial & Commercial ducted air cooler Range avialable from 4000 to 100000 CFM • Air Coolers are designed for quoted CFM delivery at designed Static Pressure so as to take care of normal ducts. • CNC fabricated high grade Pre Coated Cabinet for harsh outdoor operations. • All nuts, bolts & screws of SS. • Cooler Unit with pads on three sides for higher efficieny at lower face velocity. • Electric Control panel with starter and controls in the air cooler unit. • AMCA certified DIDW Centrifugal Blower • Designed for low RPM for lower noise levels and trouble free operation. • FRP lining in water tank. • Choice of Top, Bottom and Side air discharge. • Compact units, enabling easy handling and placement. • Quick and easy cooling pad removal. • High volume low head pump. • With pressure relief valve, quick fill, over flow and auto cut off arrangement of water. • With Branded Indian spares – motor, blower, pump. • Cooler manufactured from Company with minimum 15 years operation in India. • ISO certified facility with all manufacturing facility inhouse. • Factory Test Certificate of the cooler to be sent with supply of unit. • Nationwide Sales and service network.