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SPANSURE HT1 Thermal massage bed is fully automatic thermal massage bed with all latest features like - Leg side extra Jade Rollers With BODY HEIGHT Setting option + CARBON FIBRE HEATING PANEL for extra FAR INFRARED RAYS for fast recovery . HT1 is designed for Commercial as well as Home use. It is easy to use with automatic and manual modes. This Therapy was originally developed in Korean Professor in 70's & approved by FDA. The mechanism is the combination of western chiropractic care & eastern medicine knowledge. the repeated rolling of the warn Jade therapy rollers produces far infrared rays and give it at the acupuncture points at both sides of the spine. The 2 additional 3 balls & 9 balls jade projectors provides FAR INFRARED ENERGY & massage to the acupuncture points on the lower abdomen , especially the navel & the whole body. thus it gives us the following results & benefits: 1. Help the recovery of misaligned spine bones. 2. It Activates the meridian acupuncture points , regulate the nervous system, it promote good blood circulation, activates the internal organs tissues. 3. It refresh mind & body. It is helpful in curing almost all human diseases Back pain, knee pain, arthritis, sciatica, numbness, joints pains, BP, Diabetes, asthma, Shoulder pains & stiffness, migraine, Cholesterol & heart problem, liver & kidney problem, uterus or period problems, children growth or concentration related problem, gas& constipation, prostate problem , veracious vein, blood circulation & detoxification, cervical & ther similar problems, 4. As the jade stone rollers moves on the acupuncture & acupressure points it helps to make good blood in the spine & function all organs better. 5.It is a mixture of 6 therapies mainly - ACUPUNCTURE , ACUPRESSURE, CHIROPRACTIC, MOXIBUSTION, MASSAGE & FAR INFRARED RAYS. Company is offering FREE GIFTS WORTHS RS 80,000 ( OFFER STOCK LIMITED) HT1 Comes with pay CASH ON DELIVERY terms / 15 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE / with 2 YEARS WARRANTY+10 YEARS FREE SERVICE / 2 YRS OF INSURANCE.

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