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• 16 digit red bright LED display in table top & 18 digit display in platform Scale. • Display showing Item No., Unit price, Weight, Total price & Item Name.
• 36-key Alphanumeric keyboard.
• 24-bit ? - ? ADC (High resolution).
• Data of 500 commodities can be entered using keyboard or can be downloaded from computer.
• Prepacked items can be added in the bill.
• Name and address of the shop owner can be entered using Alphanumeric keyboard or can be • downloaded from computer and the same can be printed on bill.
• Can select three different modes for printing:
(1) Print the bill directly from weighing scale.
(2) Print Barcode of individual Item (Barcode will consist of Item No. & Weight).
(3) Transfers the weight data constantly to the computer.

Platform Dimensions: 350X246mm
Weighing Capacity: 30Kg
Use: Business,Home,Industrial
Material to be measured: Metals
Brand: Phoenix
Accuracy: 5gm

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