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Airless Spray Painting Equipment– Rhino

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V R Coatings Pvt Ltd
The RHINO range of medium and heavy duty airless spray painting equipment with maximum output pressures ranging from 72 to 450 bar, suitable for high viscosity, solvent less, low solvent coating, semisolid coatings / adhesives and sealants, marine coatings etc and also for liquids of medium viscosity, primers, finish paints and paints of medium viscosity and particle size and are designed for tough working conditions that can be found at shipyards, steel fabrication sites, railway workshops and similar sites. SUITABLE FOR MARINE PAINT APPLICATION AND HIGH BUILD EPOXY. As well as suitable for. SUITABLE FOR MIO, ZINC SILICATE, EPOXY & PU PAINTS ETC. All products suitable for all type and paints as Water borne, Solvent borne, MIO, Zinc Silocate, Polyurea, high solids, single and two component, varnishes, lacquers, enamels, Epoxy, Bitumen, Polyurethane, Alkyd etc.