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Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse Osmosis Plant

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reverse osmosis plant

RO Capacity (LPH) 1000-2000
Installation/Civil Work Required
Plant Application Institutional RO Plant,Industrial RO Plant,Domestic RO Plant
Automatic Grade Automatic,Semi-Automatic
RO Capacity (Liter/hour) 1000-2000 (Liter/hour),>3000,200-500 (Liter/hour),500-1000,2000-3000 (Liter/hour),0-200 (Liter/hour)
Chiller Cooling Capacity (Tons) 0.5 ton,1.5 ton,1 ton
Operation Mode Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual, Automatic
Installation Type Completes Civil work with Installation
Design Standard
Brand/Make Vpack
Capacity (litres per hour) 0-200 , 1000-2000 , 500-1000 , 0-200
Types Of Machines Multi-Grade Filter, UV Sterilizer, Reverse Osmosis Unit,Activated Carbon Filter
Number of Membranes in RO 2
Automation Grade Automatic, Semi-Automatic
Reverse Osmosis Systems Repair and Maintenance Required? No
Material of Construction SS Powder coating,FRP
Plant Accessories Chlorinator,Ozonator
Max Water Recovery Rate 55-60 %,50-55 %
Number of Filtration Passes 2,5,3,4


Raw water after oxidation is passed through Stainless steel Multigrade sand bed pressure filter to remove suspended impurities and precipitate of iron and manganese.



Water stream coming from coarse filter is passed through Stainless steel Activated carbon filter which ensures odour, colour free filtered water also free from residual chlorine.

To maintain desired level of minerals / TDS in final product, major part of pretreated water shall be desalinated by R.O. with molecular rejection of dissolved solids. In molecular rejection, the hardness forming ions (Ca & Mg) may get deposited over membrane surface as a scale. Thus to avoid scale formation, the R.O. feed is softened by converting Ca, Mg to Na ions.


Anti Scalent Dozing TO CONDITION R.O. FEED 

A food grade anti scalent dozing is done to soften the water


By above process of pretreatment, water becomes free from undissolved solids, iron, manganese and organic matters & filtered water upto 20 microns by particle filtration. Keeping in view of porosity below 0.0005 microns and other characteristics of R.O. membranes, the make have specified that ideal SDI of R.O. feed water should be below 3 which is possible if water is properly filtered by micron cartridges of rating below 5 microns.

Therefore we provided multi micron cartridges in stainless steel housing rating 5 microns to achieve ideal SDI level.

Since in blending stream purification everything has to be removed except minerals

therefore the membranes is selected of such porosity / molecular weight cut off that there should not be molecular rejection of inorganic dissolved solids / minerals. As a result hardness do not precipitate over membranes and there shall not be any requirement of water Softening plant and blending stream has to be fine filtered before ultra filtration membranes feed.


Reverse osmosis is based on the technology which removes total dissolved solids by their molecular rejection. In the process pretreated water is pumped to membrane and feed pressure is increased above osmotic pressure. As a result pure water migrates from the concentrate to produce perfectly sterilized desalinated water. The system is designed based on raw water analysis treated water quality & recovery. We offer R.O. block fully automatic with synchronized logic control & instruments for on-line measurement of parameters to ensure safe and efficient working as well as treated water quality control.

revive the unit, but it never produce the specified output as well as quality of treated water also Detroit after cleaning.