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Riddhi Automation, is a company that has been manufacturing high performing and low maintenance machinery since 2014 and have become a popular choice owing to the value for money experience it provides. We are a Manufacturer of a wide range of equipment including Industrial Machines Like..          
            Pneumatic Feeder
            Servo Feeder
            Straightener Machine
            Decoiler Machine
            Decoiler Cum Straightener 
            NC Roll Feeder 
1. All our machines neede to be transported by road will be well wrapped by Bubble & Polythine.   2. The case protects machines free of dampness, moisture, rust etc and strong enough to stand.

NC Servo Feeder

  • ( Width-100 mm)
  • (Thickness-1 mm)
  • (Metal-CR,HR) 
  • (Motor-Mitsubishi) 
  • (Drive-Mitsubishi )
  • (PLC-Mitsubishi )
  • (HMI-Delta)
  • (Feed Rolls-2 Nos)
  • (Cylinder-2 Nos)
  • Make in India.

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