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Prism Ointment / Cream / Tooth Paste / Gel Manufacturing Plant
Semi solid manufacturing Plants are ideal tools for the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries for the production of Ointment, Cream, Lotion, Gel, Tooth Paste & emulsions & homogenization. Fully automatic Ointment, Cream, Tooth Paste, Gel manufacturing plant consisting of
• Pre determined water phase vessel.
• Pre determined oil, wax, and petroleum jelly phase vessel.
• Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer vessel.
• Vacuum Pump
• Storage vessel
• Interconnecting pipeline.
• Transfer Pumps (Bump Pump, Lobe Pump & Metering pumps)
• Integrated automatic control panel.
• Working Platform
Design compliance with cGMPBatch SizeMaterialsWater Phase VesselWax Phase VesselManufacturing Vacuumized Homogenizer Vessel.Vacuum SystemStorage Vessel Inter Connecting PipeWorking PlatformControls & VisualizationSafety Features
Integrated Cleaning in Place-CIP.Available model 50 Liter to 5000 Liter working Capacity.Product Contact AISI 316L.Jacket for heating & cooling.Jacket for heating & cooling.Jacket for heating & cooling.Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump.Skid type storage vessel.Inter connecting Pipe line of all vessel for transfer Water, Wax & products.Rigid structure with anti slipping embossed plat.Electric Controls with digital display.Emergency stop button
Sterilizing In Place-SIP as an Option.Food Grade silicon rubber for seal.Heating Jacket Pressure (4 bar).Heating Jacket Pressure (4 bar).Vacuumized process.Vacuum gauge & Vacuum relief valve.Bottom cone is Jacket for heating.Recirculation in manufacturing vessels.Made from AISI 304.Optional PLC Controls with HMI Touch screen.Safety vacuum relief valve & Indicator Gauge.
Heating by steam or hot water circulation.Heating by steam or hot water circulation.Vessel Inside Pressure (-1 /+2 Bar)Vacuum connecting pipe.RPM and Process time entries.Safety Pressure Valve.
Propeller stirring with top mounting.Propeller stirring with top mounting.Heating Jacket Pressure (-1 /+6 bar)Temperature controls- Heat/cool.Limit switch at top lid
Temperature controller & safety pressure Valve.Temperature controller & safety pressure Valve.Heating by steam or hot water circulation.Vacuum start- Stop.
Bottom discharge with valve.Bottom discharge with valve.Agitator mixer with self pressure Teflon scrapper.Integrated Data Recording for batch.
Scrapper cleanly working on both side.
High speed Homogenizer with toothed Rotor - stator type.
RPM sleeplessly with variable speed drive for agitator & Homogenizer.
High shear & pressurization of the homogenizer.
Thus homogenization of high viscosities up to 400.000 mPas.
Homogenizer mounted on lower position in the centre of vessel.
Top lid with motorized top lid for lifting & lowering.
Safety Interlock process with limit switch.
Connection for Vacuum, Charging, Eye glass window, Light glass, CIP,SIP, Pressure gauge & safety valve.
Temperature controller & safety pressure Valve.
Bottom discharge with valve.

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