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Wet Granulation Line

Wet Granulation Line

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Prism Integrated Wet Granulation Line
PRISM® Integrated Wet Granulation Line is uniquely qualified to provide state of the art integrated powder transferring and processing line to supply better product as per current Good Manufacturing Practices requirements in the pharma industry. It also improves productivity through closed material transfer, automation, increased yield, dust free operation, without human touch and efficient procedures. The Application:
• Enhance the uniformity of drug substance in the final dosage form.
• Increase the density of blend.
• Reduce the dust during manufacturing process.
• Granulation of certain types of highly cohesive material that cannot be successfully processed with low shear techniques.
• Material Handling and Transfer in closed system to avoid dust and human touch. Salient Features:
• Complete Integrated Wet Granulation line with Powder Transfer System, High shear Mixer Granulator, Fluid Bed Dryer, inline Milling and Blending process.
• Design is cGMP - Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance
• All Product contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304.
• Sophisticated PLC Controls with HMI Touch Screen.
• Low material loss thanks closed product transfer
• Integrated powder transfer system.
• Fast product transfer from RMG to FBD and FBD to Blender through inline milling.
• Automated processes and short set-up time.
• Common operating interface option.
• Optimized yield of product thanks reduced surfaces with product contact
• We offer integrated granulation line with option of powder transfer system or with lifting Colum and tippler.
• Integrated Cleaning in Place-CIP provision.
• Can be provide 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Batch Size
• Available model 1 kg to 600 kg working Capacity. Materials
• Product Contact AISI 316L.
• Non Contact parts SS 304.
• Food Grade silicon rubber for seal.

Integrated wet granulation line including,
• Material Transfer: Vacuum Powder Conveying/Lifting column 
• Granulating: High Shear Mixer Granulator-HSMG / Rapid Mixer Granulator - RMG
• Wet Milling: Inline Milling at discharge of High Shear Mixer Granulator
• Drying: Fluid Bed Dryer 
• Material Transfer: Vacuum Powder Conveying / Tippler 
• Milling: Inline Cone Mill
• Blending: Blender (Octagonal/Double cone/”V” Shape/Conta – Bin Blender.)

The load and unload process are closed, without operator manual intervention. Integrated control between the machines makes very convenient for the user. The Full Granulation Line integrates into a single frame and control panel.

 Vacuum Powder Conveying/Transfer SystemHigh Shear Mixer Granulator-HSMG / Rapid Mixer Granulator - RMGFluid Bed DryerInline Cone MillBlenderSafety Features:
Can be used for transfer of products having bulk densities up to 1.0gm/cc.High speed mixing & granulatingSingle piece construction with Integrated retarding expansion chamber cum filter bag housing.High speed milling, granulating, mixing and size reduction.Can be providing in different shape as per user requirement. (Octagonal/Double cone/”V” Shape/Conta – Bin Blender.)Emergency stop button
Total Discharge no Retention.Automated mixing and granulating process in single bowl.Pneumatic Sealing of Filter Bag and Product container by inflatable silicon rubber tube.Uniform size reduction of wet material.Benders are ideal dry mixer for lubrication of granules and homogenization mixing of multiple batches in to single batch.Over load relay.
No segregation or degradation of Product.High Precision mixing and granulation with Short Batch Time, Problem free Cleaning and Residue Free Discharge.Double scan AHU with Air Filter- Micro, HEPA, Heat Exchanger Steam and Dehumidifier.Cone blade with cone type sieve for size reduction.Enclosed rigid drive with reduction gear box and motor.Controls wiring with 24 DC for safety.
No tool required for opening & cleaning.Unique design with four arm mixing impeller with blade angle to pushing product radically outward.Exhaust air blower with dynamic balance fan with exhaust filter.AC frequency variable speed 100 to 1400 RPM.Product container having discharge with butterfly valve and man hole.Safety railing for octagonal blender.
Transfer can be completely automatic to avoid the manual handling of the materialChopper blade designed to cuts lumps and make granules.Built in Explosion vents and isolation valve protect equipment.Easy removable contact parts for cleaning, inspection and easy Mobility.Charging hole with hinged lid with seal for charging and cleaning.Limit switch for top lid of RMG.
Fully automatic system, with timing controls and automatic air blow back system for filter cleaning.Dual speed mixing impeller for mixing and intensify chopper for granulating.Automatic Temperature controls for Inlet Air and Process cycle time controls.Various combinations of perforated sieves.Safety reeling provided for rotating area of product container.Safe earthling for static current in FBD.
Vacuum Blower and cyclone filter can be installed in outside production area.Flush fitting discharge plug is electro pneumatically operated.Washable filter media, FDA approved.Inline milling process with RMG to FBD and FBD to Blender.Fixed baffles provided for lumps braking.Auto stop when process time is completed.
Avoids product waste, loss and contamination.Air pursing for seal for both shafts.Auto pneumatic filter bag shacking system.Limit switch at charging & discharge hopper.Material transfer from FBD to blender through Inline milling with vacuum transfer system.Inter lock of product container & filter bag sealing.
Easy to clean and wash of contact parts.Inline Milling at discharge to break wet lumps.Sampling pot on product container.Variable speed for product container by VFD.Low compressed air pressure switch interlock.
Integrated operating through RMG operating panel.Variable speed drive for main impeller and chopper.Solid flow detection System.Integrated control for inline cone mill, vacuum powder transfer system & blender from single 
Option for Product bowl Jacketing for heating/ cooling and vacuumized mixing process.Differential Pressure gauge for filter.
Option for binder adding by spraying system with peristaltic pump.Option for CFM sensor (Air velocity).
Option for flame proof motor and electric operating panel.Option for flameproof motor.