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Light weight with compact design and easy to handle Suitable for painting contractors Capable of handling water based paints with 100% volume solid The durable piston pumps provides high pressure with minimum fluctuation The light weight electric motor with digital pressure monitor.

Features :

Mechanical air motor provides higher efficiency even with lower air inlet pressure.

♦ Designed for handling a variety of coatings with a powerful spray in the toughest working conditions.

♦ Rust proof stainless steel hydraulic circuits with high flow rate.

♦ Easy detachable suction port reduces cleaning & maintenance time.

♦ More durable, longer life high quality precision parts.

♦ Safety trigger lock & 360° swivel for the spray gun.


Applications :

Marine Coating & Ship Buildings

♦ Fire Retardant Coatings

♦ Pre Engineering Building (PEB) Structural Coating

♦ Offshore / Onshore Industries

♦ Dams And Roofs Coating

♦ Refinery

♦ Pipe, internal and external coating

♦ Corrosion preventive coating

♦ Power plants


Typical Fluids Handled :

High Volume solid paints

♦ High viscosity coatings

♦ Solventless coating

♦ Epoxy paints and mastics

♦ Waterproof Coatings

♦ Sealants And Adhesives Spraying

♦ Polyurethane Coatings

♦ Zinc base coatings

Coltar epoxy and Glass flex epoxy


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