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Thermal Shock Chamber

The Thermal Shock Chamber is a useful method for testing goods for thermal shock. A product carrier basket in a Thermal Shock Environmental Chamber transports a product under test between temperature zones that are independently regulated. Users can conveniently monitor the product as it is moved between various temperature zones thanks to built-in viewing windows. Thermal Shock Chambers offers a wide range of performance settings to satisfy a number of testing criteria. Thermal Shock Chambers are used to testing part and board electronic assemblies for environmental stress. This chamber is designed to move goods between two temperature-controlled chambers by moving equivalent volumes of high-velocity conditioned air over the object, resulting in rapid temperature changes. By causing critical parts to expand and contract, induced thermal stresses may expose hidden manufacturing defects in electronic sub-assemblies and other components. Get your best deals of Thermal Shock Chamber manufacturer,  supplier, dealers in India, Available at Indian TradeBird.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Vertical Orientation Thermal Shock Chamber has two independently controlled hot and cold zones, a single product carrier moves between each zone which results in dramatic temperature changes. Also, it has the advantage that it uses fewer floor spaces making it a better deal for smaller labs.
In Horizontal Orientation Thermal Shock Chamber has three side-by-side independent zones hot, ambient & cold. This chamber is used for accomplishing by programing the product carrier which tends to transfer the product from hot to cold and back again, by eliminating dwell in the ambient zone.
A Double Duty Thermal Shock Chamber is positioned in cold zones between two hot zones which are aligned vertically top and bottom. At least one product carrier is always occupied by the cold zone. This design makes efficient use of the chamber cooling system which provides increased product testing over standard thermal shock designs.

The temperature of the chamber is controlled by an electric heater or a refrigeration device. Researchers spray a salt solution through a nozzle within the chamber to mimic the corrosive effect of the sea, for example, creating a fine mist that covers the whole product.

Thermal shock is a form of mechanical load that occurs quickly. A mechanical load is described as a load caused by a rapid change in temperature at a specific point. It can also be applied to a thermal gradient, in which different sections of an object expand at different rates.

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