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Industrial Air Cooler

We provide you best deals on Industrial Air Cooler at our Indian TradeBird Portal for our valuable customers. Industrial air coolers are designed to keep wide, open, or semi-open spaces cool. They operate on the evaporative air cooling concept, in which fresh air is continuously supplied via air ducts and air supply outlets and cooled using cooling pads and water. The hot air containing impurities, odors, and dust is expelled out of the room as a result of the continuous supply of cool air, resulting in a cool, ventilated, clean, and comfortable atmosphere.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial air coolers are suitable for wide-open spaces in areas like factories, warehouses, showrooms, workshops, religious buildings, and other places where air conditioning is difficult and economically unviable. Symphony's industrial air coolers are available with a number of accessories to provide end-to-end solutions for customizing your cooling requirements while retaining a high degree of aesthetics.

Some features of Industrial Air Cooler are High static air pressure and air delivery over a long distance, Honey Comb Cooling Pads of the highest quality,
For a steady supply of water, use a heavy-duty water pump.
Water distributor with a non-clogging design that ensures a consistent flow of water over the pads, Water drains at set daily intervals thanks to an auto clean drain valve. It also prevents the development of scales and the growth of algae.
The float valve guarantees that the water supply is never disrupted.
UV-protected For a longer life, a high-strength polymer casing is used, and many such other features are there making it significant and reliable in the industry.

A) Portable Evaporative Coolers: One type of industrial evaporative air coolers, also known as portable air coolers. They are most useful in industrial environments such as warehouses and garages. They can be found in other outdoor areas as well, such as patios. Typical sizes vary from 3,000m3/h to 13,000m3/h.

B) Installed Evaporative Coolers: They work by displacing warm air to the outside and are typically used in large commercial or industrial settings. Window or wall-mounted air coolers, slide discharge coolers, and down discharge coolers are examples of industrial air coolers. Their cool air supply normally approaches 30,000m3/h per device.

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