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How does a chiller work?

A pumping system moves cool water or a water/glycol mix from the chiller to the process and back. This fluid takes heat from the process to the chiller. The chiller has a refrigerant, a chemical that changes from liquid to gas and back. Different refrigerants work for different temperatures. The refrigerant goes through a cycle of compression and phase-change to cool the fluid. The cycle begins with a low-pressure liquid/gas mix in the evaporator. Heat from the fluid boils the refrigerant to a low-pressure gas. The gas goes to the compressor, where it becomes a high-pressure gas. The gas goes to the condenser, where air or water cools it to a high-pressure liquid. The liquid goes to the expansion valve, which regulates how much refrigerant goes back to the evaporator. The chiller can have an air-cooled or a water-cooled condenser. An air-cooled condenser uses air to cool the gas to a liquid. It can be inside or outside the chiller, but it always releases heat to the air. A water-cooled condenser uses water from a cooling tower to cool the gas to a liquid.

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