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We at Indian TradeBird provide you best products of HVLS Fans for our precious customers at our portal. High Volume Low-Speed Fan which is termed as HVLS Fans are used commercially in larger areas where it is viable to be used for building areas greater than 2500 Sq. Ft (277 Sq. Yard) with roof height greater than 18 feet. High Volume Low-Speed Fans (HVLS) Fans is a mechanical type of fan which is more than 7 feet in diameter, it moves slowly distributing a large amount of airflow at a low rotational speed. Conventional ceiling fans work on principle opposite of Low Volume High Speed.
A broad range of best quality HVLS Fans manufacturers, suppliers, dealers in India, Available on Indian TradeBird suitings best for your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the industrial applications of HVLS Fans are, Warehouses, Hospitals, Food Storage places, Factory Workshops, Automobile Industries, Service Stations, Plastic Industry, Dairy Farms, Pharma Industry, Textile Industry, Railway Stations, Auditoriums, Religious Places/Halls, airport terminal buildings, office/commercial buildings, etc.

The key components of HVLS Fans are Gear Motor, Blade Mounting Hub, Blades, Paint, Control, Cable Connection via plug for easy installation, trouble-free maintenance, long-lasting performance.

Cool moving air breaks up the moisture-saturated boundary layer covering the body and accelerates evaporation to create a cooling effect, according to HVLS fans. As ceiling fans spin, they create a column of air. Along with the board, this column of air flows down and out.

high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan is a large fan with sizes in diameters that range between 6 and 24 feet in diameter. A single HVLS fan is capable of displacing several smaller conventional constant speed fans (sometimes called propeller, box or panel fans) and can improve the de-stratification of warm air.

Price of HVLS Fans depends on technology of the fans. Various Seller Offering Industrial Ceiling Fans or Warehouse HVLS fan ranging 1,20,000 to 4,00,000 Depends on Brand & customizations. 

HVLS fans are generally ceiling fans although some are pole mounted.

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