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Water Softener

Indian Trade Birds have the best deals of Water Softners to make hard water soft with advanced technology and great quality of products available in a wide range. Hard Water is quite a common problem in India to which is difficult to deal with. There are many common problems caused due to hard water like brown/white colored films over bathroom tiles,
clogged pipes, dirty glassware, dull or dry skin, hair fall, rashes on the skin, etc. To this we have one solution for you is softening of water that reduces its hardness by reducing calcium & magnesium content that is present in water.
Authentic deals of Water Softener manufacturer, supplier, dealers in India, Available at Indian TradeBird at a cost-effective price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Water Softners can last up to 10 to 25 years depending on many factors like their ability to make water soft, the quality of the machine, how hard the water is.

Water Softener is an installed system that helps to remove materials like calcium & magnesium ions that makes water hard and then replace them with sodium ions. This ion of calcium & magnesium obstructs the actions of household soaps & detergents whereas sodium does not.

For the best of options, there are two types of water softeners, first, one can be attached to an overhead storage tank so it can work to supply soft water to the entire house, but these types of others seemed to be a bit costly. The second one is which can be connected to your home appliances like shower, geyser, washing machine, etc.

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