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AAC Block Plant

Indian Trade Bird provides you with the best AAC Block Plants with capacities ranging from 30 cubic meters per day to 750 cubic meters per day can be constructed. The divisions of AAC Plants are as follows: Sections for AAC Raw Material Handling and Batching, Pre-curing, Mould Removal, and AAC Block Cutting Finished Block Handling Section, AAC Wire Cutting Machine, Boiler, and Autoclave Section. Cement Silo, Lime Silo, Gypsum Silo, Flyash Silo, or Pond Ash Loading Screening and Transfer system are all part of the raw material and batching portion of AAC plants. Our AAC Block Machines are built to suit the capability of each factory. Authentic and trusted AAC Block Plants manufacturer, supplier, dealers in India, Available at Indian TradeBird with a capacity of 30 Cubic M/Day to 750 Cubic M/Day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aerated concrete blocks are suitable for use in a variety of buildings, including schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, single-family homes, and apartments. Buildings made of AAC blocks are also regarded as environmentally friendly structures because they do not require curing or plastering.

External walls, internal walls, floors, and fences will all benefit from AAC Block & Panel, which is available in a variety of sizes and widths for non-load-bearing construction applications.

The Swedish architect and inventor Johan Axel Eriksson invented the AAC Block Plant, also known as Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Plant, in the mid-1920s. AAC Plant is regarded as one of the most significant achievements in the field of construction during the twentieth century. It is a precast lightweight building material that provides structure, insulation, and fire and mold resistance all at the same time.

AAC blocks are prominently used in South-East Asia for a decade. The major advantage of AAC blocks is that they are lightweight and hence contribute less to dead load.

AAC blocks are light weight Aerated Autoclave Concrete Block. It is manufactured through a reaction of aluminium powder and a proportionate blend of lime, cement, and fly ash or sand. 

Small AAC block, capacity of the plant is 50 cbm expandable to 200 cbm. This is the most advance plant and the most easy to operate AAC Block manufacturing plant in India. Aac equipment are made with highest quality materials involving latest and smartest technology.

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