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We offer the top series of Hawai Chappal Making Machine for our valued customers at Indian TradeBird. These products are employed for many purposes in the market. Furthermore, We offer this product at nominal prices. chappal making machine, chappal banane ka machine, slipper making machine, footwear making machine are some of the best selling categories you can find at ITB.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tradebird offers List of latest, upcoming footwear machines price list in India. more specifically its plateform to buy, sale or rent the machine of new, used & refurbished machiens. Tradebird offered list of supplier of almost all kind of machines including sole cutting machine, hawai chappal making machine, slipper making machine etc

To Making Chappal Or Sleeper following machines needed

Fly press for the cutting sheet (hand-operated)

Drilling machine

Finishing machine

Cutting dies of different sizes and shapes

Hand tools

Furniture and equipment

The average cost for a Chappal Making Machine is between Rs39000 and Rs220000 available at Indian Trade Bird.

Yes, chappal making business is profitable, if the business is done by a process , and follow guidelines, and implementation of technology.

Buy Chappal making MachineSlipper Making Machine, Footwear Making Machine At Indian Trade Bird. chappal making business is profitable if the business is done by a process , and follow guidelines, and implementation of technology. Start your business with small unit , 1st , from u r home , buy a Sole Cutting Machine in low cost , buy rubber sheet , from market , start making , you have to fallow new trends in that, careful about new style come in market, try to make new style chappal, on latest trend, youth using, try innovative always in market.

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