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Fluid Bed Dryer

Indian Trade Bird provides you with a broad range of Fluid Bed Dryers which are of genuine quality and giving good end products. Fluid Bed dryers are commonly used in many industries to reduce the moisture contents or granule-like things. The fluidization of the feed materials is the basis of the equipment's operation. It has wide applications and usage in Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Foodstuffs, Dairy, Dyestuffs, other such processed industries. Fluid Bed Dryers are used to handle solids and liquids in a wide range of process engineering applications and are primarily recommended for fully developed process solutions with consistent production parameters. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical industries with great demand to reduce moisture, granules, powder, etc. Upward airflow fluidizes the solids being treated, allowing them to take on a fluid-like state and ensuring optimal drying, reaction, and handling conditions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of Fluid Bed Dryer are 1. It has low operating costs, it has accurate control of the residence time, the product is dried uniformly, it has low energy consumption compared to other types of dryers, it has a small footprint, it is a reliable system, with less downtime, it is even gentle on sensitive materials.

A typical fluidized bed dryer consists of the following components, A. Exhaust filter, B. Exhaust blower, C. Air preparatory unit, D. Product container, E. Spray nozzle, F. Solution deliver, G. Air distribution plate, H. Control panel.

Fluid Bed Dryers operate on the theory of fluidization, which is the transformation of a substance from a static solid to a dynamic fluid. Hot gas or air is injected into the material-holding area via a perforated distribution plate in this process.

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