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Water Cooled Chillers

A broad range of Water-Cooled Chillers is available at our Indian TradeBird Portal. A water-cooled condenser is attached to a cooling tower in a water-cooled chiller. They are widely used in medium and large installations with adequate water supply. Because of their relative isolation from ambient temperature fluctuations, water-cooled chillers can provide more consistent efficiency for commercial and industrial air conditioning. Water-cooled chillers vary in size from tiny 20-ton models to thousands-of-ton models that cool the world's largest facilities like airports, shopping centers, and other structures. To condense the refrigerant, a traditional water-cooled chiller uses recirculating condenser water from a cooling tower. A water-cooled chiller contains a refrigerant whose temperature and flow rate are determined by the temperature and flow rate of the condenser water entering the chiller, and which works in relation to the ambient wet-bulb temperature.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The heat from processed water is absorbed by an air-cooled chiller. After the water in the air, a handler device has been used, it warms up and is returned to the chiller. The evaporator in the chiller transfers heat away from the water.

Water Cooled Chillers have Cooling Tower in their system,  this thus increases efficiency very high as compared to air-cooled chillers, The condensed water pumps of Water Cooled chillers depending upon the ambient temperature and bulb temperature being more efficient, which has lower than the ambient dry bulb temperature. The lower is the chiller condenses more is efficient it is.

An air-cooled chiller is adapted with a condenser that is cooled by the environment air. This air-cooled chiller should be preferred for medium or smaller types of installations but with quality improvement in the structure which allows the usage in extensible types for larger types of installation also chose over any type as there is not enough water or water is expensive due to shortage.
Whereas water-cooled chillers have water-cooled condensers connecter along with the cooling tower and are preferred for most medium and large installations where there is a sufficient amount of water available. Also, Water Cooled Chillers are preferred places that are affected by ambient temperature fluctuations as Water-Cooled Chillers are not affected. by such fluctuations.

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