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Concrete Batching Plant

Indian Trade Bird is capable to meet the rising demand in infrastructure development as we have our portal loaded with India's top manufacturers & suppliers of concrete batching plants. A concrete Batching Plant is an erection of a system that creates concrete for the construction process using several materials like water, aggregates, sand, and fine particles, admixtures, cement, fly ash, sand, etc. These batching systems are being used in all construction projects from small to mega construction projects be its high-rise buildings, rail constructions, roadways constructions, dam constructions. These concrete plants have various parts and components which include mixers, aggregate batches, aggregate bins, cement batches, cement bins, heaters, chillers, conveyors, cement silos, batch plant controlling units, dust collectors.

In construction industries, concrete batching plants are one of the very required equipments, essential for any big contractors. At any time of construction be it in many sectors of construction industries, the concrete batching plant helps you to create the right quality of concrete which increases the readability, it helps to produce high-quality concrete creating superior finishes. We also deal with various road construction machines which are listed at our portal like, Concrete Batching Plant, Road Making Machine, Fly Ash Brick Plant, Paver Block Machine. Best Concrete Batching Plants manufacturer, supplier, dealers in India, Available at Indian TradeBird.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of Dry Concrete Batching Plants:
It gives better quality of concrete as it is freshly prepared.
It provides fresh concrete from mixer trucks as it arrives on site.
It takes lower power consumption as compared to a wet mixer plant.
It requires less maintenance cost and a short period of time as compared to a wet mixer plant.
It is mixed without water on the plant so gives higher capacity & lower energy consumption.

Capacity of Concrete Batching is available in a wide range which can be used as per the requirement,
Stationery Type : 30 - 200M3/Hr
Mobile Type: 20 - 60M3/Hr
Portable Type : 10 - 20M3/Hr
Mini Batch Plant: 8 - 13M3/Hr

Concrete Batching Plant is a process starting from the feeding of aggregates, feeding of powders mainly consists of fly ash & expanding agents, water & admixtures for mixing the materials, conveyance & storage.

Concrete Batching plants are mainly composed of five systems, material weighing system,  storage system, conveying system, control system & mixing host.

Concrete Batching is the process of measuring and adding concrete mixture materials either by volume or by mass. Concrete Batching is mostly preferred to be measured by volume, but now as per standard norms, it is measured by mass.

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