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Laser Marking Machine

We provide you best deals on Laser Marking Machine at our Indian TradeBird Portal for our precious customers. A laser Marking Machine is a process in which it created a long-lasting mark on a surface by using a beam of concentrated light creation. Laser Marking Machine is typically performed with a fiber, pulsed, green, or UV laser machine, and continuous waves, with a broad range of applications. On several materials, including steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, ceramic, plastic, glass, wood, paper, and cardboard, laser marking can be automated and processed at high speeds while leaving permanent traceability traces. Serial numbers and component numbers, as well as machine-readable data like barcodes, Specific ID codes, and 2D Data Matrix codes, can be printed on parts and products. Text, such as serial numbers and component numbers, as well as machine-readable data such as barcodes, Unique 1D codes, and 2D Data Matrix codes or graphics, can be used to mark parts and products.
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Frequently Asked Questions

It is mostly used to use a laser beam to mark or label material or work parts. Engraving, staining, removing, annealing, and foaming are some of the procedures involved.

Laser Marking Machines have a wide range of applications with their versatile ability to work with almost any product or materials. It is used for color marking of metals, it is used in marking of car parts for night and day, it is widely used for marking of steel, it is adopted for marking copper materials like coins vessels, etc, it is also used for marking on cast iron, It is also widely used for brick and plastic markings.

There are many benefits of Laser Marking Machine, it is a non-contact process, it doesn't get stripped away with any materials, it really gives high quality and precise markings, it is versatile to work with a wide range of products or materials, it creates low usage of consumables making it safe.

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