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Halt and Hass Chamber

Highly Accelerated Life Test termed as HALT & Highly Accelerated Stress Screen termed as HASS are chambers used in industry are available for our valued customers at our Indian TradeBird Portal. HALT & HASS Chambers are for providing extreme vibrations & temperature which are capability used for designing product design capabilities used during the product design and manufacturing cycles to compress which is required normally to identify the design process and any weaknesses. HALT is a technique that is crucial in finding many of the defects in a new product's design and manufacturing process. HASS is a technique that is used during the manufacturing the process to detect manufacturing flaws that could lead to product failures in the field. HALT & HASS are often used in concurrence with one another. During the HALT process, the temperature and vibration stress levels are rising, both individually and in combination, as well as rapid thermal transitions and other stresses unique to the activity of your product. After the HALT process is completed the product then the product which has become rough it can be developed by a custom production screen for identifying the process defects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many benefits of performing HALT/HASS Tests :
It helps to reduce product development and design time. It helps to ensure product quality & reliability. It helps to boost customer confidence. It helps to speed up time in the market. It helps to increase profit margins. It reduces warranty costs.

HALT tests are performed to find product design weaknesses which help to make products more rugged.
HASS is used to find flaws and defects during production for monitoring the quality and consistency of a particular manufacturing process.

A statistical strength distribution exists for any product. Where the Product Strength and Field Stress Curves intersect in red, failures will occur. HALT/HASS  tests can cause the weaker components in the chamber to fail. The Commodity Intensity curve will be moved to the right by HALT and HASS. HALT/aim HASS's is to create a wide design margin or distance between the two curves, resulting in fewer field failures and a more reliable product.

A highly accelerated life test (HALT), is a stress testing methodology for enhancing product reliability. ... HALT can be effectively used multiple times over a product's life time. During product development, it can find design weakness when changes are much less costly to make.

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