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Planetary Miixer

A broad range of Planetary Mixers is available at our Indian Trade Bird Portal for our valued customers. A Planetary Mixer consists of a single motor & stationary bowl in usage. They are among the most popular mixers for commercial kitchens, with smaller countertop models and larger floor-standing models. Planetary mixers, as the name suggests, have an agitator that rotates around the bowl like a planet. This Planetary Mixer comes in a smaller countertop version as well as larger floor standing models and in a wide range of options for both home users as well as for commercial usage. We at Indian Trade Bird help you get the best possible deal from manufacturers, suppliers, traders in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blending is usually a gentle method of combining materials, while mixing is usually a more intense process.

Planetary Mixer is versatile equipment making it useful for home as well as for commercial purposes. It can be widely used for the baking dough, icings, sausages, sauces, meringues, whipped toppings, cakes, cookie dough, etc. They are mainly used for making pizza bread too as its dough is too heavy for mixing, also it has the ability to make artisan bread, bagels, Neapolitan pizza dough, etc.

Planetary mixing action is when an attachment, such as a dough hook or a whip, rotates so many times around the bowl and makes contact with the side of the bowl, ensuring that all ingredients are thoroughly combined and uniformly integrated. Mixers from Kitchen Aid can be used for a lot more than just baking.

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