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CNC Router Machine

We have reached the pinnacle of success and earned a reputed name by providing the high-quality range of CNC Routers.

Technical Parameters:


• X .Y Axis working area : 1300X2500mm 

• Z-Axis working area: 200mm 

• Repeatability : 0.025(+/-mm) 

• Max Cutting Speed : 20000mm/min 

• Rapid Traverse : 30000mm/min 

• Spindle power rate: 3.5K/4.5KW/6 KW (air-cooled) 

• 2KW/4.5KW/6 KW (water-cooled) 

• Spindle rotating speed: 0-24000rpm (water-cooled) 

• 0-18000rpm (air-cooled) 

• Command : G code*.u00*.mmg*plt 

• Work Mode: Step Motor 

• Transmission: X Y helical rack gear, Z ball screw 

• Guideway: Linear guideway(win) 

• Control system : Ncstudio / DSP Controller 

• Weight: 1120Kgs 

• Power: AC380V/60Hz


Suitable Industry:


• Suitable for high-volume processing of non-ferrous metal sheets, such as PVC board, acrylic, insulation materials, wood and composite panels. 

• Suitable for sheet processing, cutting, slotting, engraving, etc. Performance Characteristics: Imported D-Link.

*Warranty- One year


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