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(i) Sand hopper -1 No
  (a) Sand hopper capacity 5 Cu. m – 1 No.
  (b) Sand hopper is mounting on ground and top height will be 3 Meter (Approx)
  (c) Conveyor Belt system width 500mm with Gear motor 3 HP – 1 No.
  (d) Hopper filling will be arranged by you.

(ii) Cement Hoper – 1 No.
  (a) Silo cement carrying capacity – 2000 Kgs – 1 No.
  (b) With screw conveyor 5”dia X 6 Meter length – 1 No.
  (c) Cement hoper filling is not in our scope of supply.
  (d) Gear motor will be 3 HP
(iii) Fly ash hoper - 1 No.
  (a) Powder carrying capacity 1 Cu.M – 1 no.
  (b) Screw conveyor 4” dia X 6 Meter length – 1 No.
  (c) Gear motor will be 3 HP

(iv) Chemical (Powder) hopper – 1
  (a) This hopper mounting at the top of the mixer and filling by manual.
  (b) Carrying capacity 50 Liter.
  (c) with 0.25 HP screw conveyor to feed martial.

(v) Batch weighing system - 1 No.
  (a) Batch weighing system is mounting at the top of mixer.
  (b) Batch weighing system capacity is 400 Liter/Batch.
  (c) Sand, Cement and powder is weighing in this batch weigher.
  (d) From this batch weigher material is charge into the drum mixer.

(vi) Reversible Drum type mixer – 1 No.
  (a) Drum type mixer with 400 Liter mixing capacity -1 No.
  (b) Electric motor will be 10 HP X 1440 RPM - 1 Nos.
  (c) With heavy duty symmetrically chassis - 1 no.
  (d) Discharge height 2.250 Meter (Approx) from ground.

(vii) Bag filling system with silo – 1 no.
  (a) Maximum weighing 50 Kgs.
  (b) By pushing one button automatic preset weight drop in bag.
  (c) Bag weighing system under the silo – 1 Nos.
  (d) Bag you have to hold and handle manually.
  (e) This silo carrying capacity is 500 Liter- 1 Nos
  (f) This weighing system is set on belt conveyor to unload filled bag left or right side

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