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Offset Printing Machine

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• Easy operation: water & ink supply, ink joint pressure are handle by same controller and photo sensor will follow up the pressure so that the combined pressure more
• Easy to adjust, more reliable.
• Accurate positioning: adopt structure position with double-rolling. It can make paper platform and paper supplying can be adjust continuously.
• Ink separation: Water Supply and ink are separated by machine system; you can adjust the ink ability in freely. It suited to meet the requirements of different printed materials on Ink, color sets.
• The preset counting: auto counter can stop machine when there is no paper supply or it is finished the printing. Completed, automatically stops feeding.
• Double sheet detection and double rotation: double sheet controller can effectively control the double sheets, and more. It is automatically excluded from the state of non-stop double pages, multi pages by the electronic control of the double-swivel function.
• Special printed products ink sufficiently dried provides.
• All cylinders are cast in one piece and are of treated alloy cast iron and hard chrome plated.
• Dusting function: Preset spraying device, so can prevent dusting and printing synchronization is complete, can prevent Ended printed materials back rub dirty.
• Control panel: PLC computer programming and high-power frequency conversion, so that the circuit and machine will be Run more stable.
• 2KG oil ink can printing 120000 pcs based on max printing area.