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Shree Ram Air Tech
INDIRECT DIRECT AIR COOLER All of us are aware that there is a gap between the comfort level provided by midsized air-conditioners and conventional duct-able air coolers (single stage DEC machines). Both these cooling technologies cater to segments like workshops, small and medium offices, large residences, showrooms and other commercial establishments. Customers in these segments from tier 2& 3 cities mostly opt for ductable air-coolers since the cost of running an air-conditioner is very high but they still want the comfort level provided by an air-conditioner. With the aim of plugging this gap between the comfort levels, we are launching two new standard Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling machines, IDECool 4 and IDECool 6. By using these machines, customers would get a feel of better comfort levels and also be able to use them in the monsoon season unlike conventional air-coolers. IDECool 4 cools an area of approximately 900 square feet. IDECool 6 cools an area of approximately 1200 square feet. A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited (BU: HMX) is a pioneer and world leader in the field of Indirect Direct Evaporative Air cooling (2 stage cooling). It has an installation base of more than 22 million CFM in India and abroad. The manufacturing facility is in Bengaluru with sales offices in 11 cities.