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This model has many advanced features for most relaxing therapy benefits. This bed is having 9 heavy duty natural jade rollers in the back part instead of only 5 or 7 present in most other South Korean beds. Out of these 9 jade rollers, one is specially meant for neck region & 2 others are meant to cover the pain in shoulders too.

• 9 Heavy Duty Natural Jade Rollers At Upper Back
• 4 Heavy Duty Natural Jade Rollers At legs side
• 1 External 15 Ball Natural Jade Projectors
• 1 External 5 Ball Natural Jade Projectors
• Full Function VFD Control Screen
• USB MP3 Player With High End Headphone
• Inbuilt carbon fiber heaters to give effect of far infrared rays to whole body.
• Auto electric back lift to adjust back portion according to our convenience.
• It is very useful for old age & paralytic patients. (N/A in Korean Beds)
• Exclusively new design with wooden frame for modern luxurious looks.
• 11 automatic massage modes, 6 Automatic & 1 Manual and 4 modes for leg to suit your requirements.
• The design of the track for upper body is based on physiological curve of the human spine,
• the internal projector moves regularly along the five meridians on the back, the internal projector for the leg directly moves along the legs.
•Precise temperature control system, maximum temperature up to 70, applicable to any chill regions. It is good for eliminating the pains in back, also good in improving blood circulation, then get a good sleep quality after use of this bed.

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