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Cement Feeding system
We are manufacturer and supplier of manual cement feeding system which is generally used for convey cement from bulker to silo and unload cement from bags to silo. In these system bulker and cement bag both can be unload to cement silo. Description:
You have to make the arrangement to dump the FLY ASH in the powder form in to the feed hopper. The feed hopper will have a screw at the bottom which will continuously pump the material into the convey line. Convey line is connected with high capacity blower to generate the sufficient force to convey the material into the storage silo. The system will have a facility to convey the loose fly ash which comes into the bulker. Our pre-engineered screw pump and its components are ready for installation and require minimum attention for startup. FLY ASH will be transferred inside the tubing without any obstruction to the Silo. The system proposed herein is totally enclosed and sealed. Adaptor and 10.0 Mtr. Hose for further connection of pumping the material is supply from our scope.

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