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Flair Three Way Ball Valves – Thoroughly Tested and Highly Versatile We manufacture a highly versatile Three Way Ball Valves with a rugged design with the capability to handle a wide range of liquids and gases. Our Three way and Multiport valves are designed, manufactured, tested and comply with the requirement of BS 5251 Section One and BS 6755 Part 1. /API 598/API 6D. We design and manufacture products according to requirement of our customers. Valves are supplied with gear or lever type changeover. For an automatic change over direct mounted, best quality electrical actuator or the pneumatic motor is provided as per specific demand of customers. Ball valves are used in different industries where there are need of tight shut-off to transfer liquids, gases, as well as liquids with suspended solids. Three Way Ball Valves provide fast and easy access for valve maintenance. Our 3 Way Ball Valves are easy to operate, maintain and it regulates high pressure, high volume and high temperature flow. It allows functioning without any side loads. It does not require lubrication. Three way ball valves are widely used for pipelines to switch the direction of flow, and allow switching on two flow lines with each other perpendicularly. It is used for either diverting or mixing application. In applications where three way ball valves are used, the liquid circuit will split into two separate loops, variable and constant flow rate. The total flow rate stays constant in these valves.
Material and Construction: Various grades of Casting are used to manufacture the valves. Most commonly used are: IS 210, A 216 Gr WCB, A 351 Gr CF8, CF8M, CF3, and CF3M with PTFE as Sealing. Valves may be supplied in some special material on request. Valves are available in Full Bore or Reduced Bore with L or T Port type Construction with manual or Gear operated

• Adequate strength housing
• Reliable tightness
• Easy to operate & Maintain
• Highly Versatile
• Longer service life
• Low cost – Initial as well as service cost


• Petrochemical
• Chemical Process
• Process Industries
• Refineries
• Pipeline applications
• Water & Waste applications

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